That’s a Subject line to think about!

I hear you say what has that got to do with traffic and finding where my niche is hanging out.

Well there is a saying:

This was said by “Sun Tzu, The Art Of War”

“Know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of

I want to discuss with you about checking out your competition.

As you know when you do a search for your niche you have 10 organic listings.These are your competitors apart from finding where your niche is hanging out you need to know why and how your competition got to the 1st page.


You might not agree with me or maybe you do on what about I am going to go through.

For the search engines to find you ,you must have these 3 things correct.


2- Url

3- Description


The title you must have the main keyword that you wish to be found for in the title,how else are the web crawlers going to know what your subject is about.

Before I go any further I need to explain something to you first.

How the search engines work?

The search engine operates with 2 majors functions namely; crawling and indexing websites,
and providing users a list of websites ranked based on their quality, authority and relevancy.

Search engine is built to fulfill the search queries for its users, online. When someone searches
for a particular information online, the search engine is programmed and designed to sort and
show the most useful and relevant results.

Unlike humans, the spider cannot read, understand and evaluate the quality of a piece of
content like we do. Henceforth, the spider is programmed with an algorithm to emulate the
human’s understanding and judgement. This is why it could sort out the most useful content to
be displayed as search result.


Hence: Title: Url: Description:

You are looking at the 10 search listing on the screen in front of you. I want you to take note of the tile ,url and description of those searches.

I bet you the top 5 or 6 listing has there main keyword in those 3 area’s.

The search crawlers have to know what keywords you are trying to rank for,to what ever was put into the search box. ” Make sense?”

So, if your competition is on the top of the search results then you need to take note of this.

If you do a view page source (right click -view page source) this is for desk top or CTrL U,this will open the back end of that page of the website.

CTRL -F and a box will open on your screen,write in  title for the first look,then type in description,this will help you analysis the things I have talking about in this post

See screens shot on what I mean.


Points to take away:
  • Check your competition
  • Check the -Title-Url-Description
  • Do a view page source
  • Make a list of relevant info that you have obtained regarding your competition


Till the next time

To your success



The W.E.S.T



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