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RSS is a term you have probably heard about or seen on many blogs and web sites. RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication, a Web feed format commonly used to “publish” frequently updated web content such as news, web sites updates, blogs posts or blog comments to RSS subscribers. RSS is a standardized format that allows publishers to syndicate or push out content quickly, effectively and automatically.

You probably have seen the three-letter RSS acronym in the course of your web travels as most web sites and almost all blogs offer visitors the chance to receive an automated RSS feed. These RSS feeds are read using software called an RSS reader, also known as a feed reader or aggregator. This software normally runs in a web browser and most current browser acutally have RSS awareness and functionality built directly into them. Users can subscribe to RSS feeds by entering the feed’s link into the reader or by clicking an RSS icon in a browser that begins  the subscription process. With your favorite RSS site feeds set up on your laptop or netbook computer you can easily keep up to date wherever you are.   You can even subscribe to an RSS feed for a Craigslist search that you have done.

RSS feeds can also be configured in customized home pages such as My Yahoo and My Google. Each of these sites contain RSS capabilities built into the individualized home page. Some benefits of using RSS feeds include :
1.     Less surfing time as your most current updates from your favorite sites are all in one place.
2.    It keeps you up to date with the latest news and information from your favorite sites.
3.     Easier control of what information is automatically delivered to you.
4.    Using RSS feeds instead of email updates can decrease the clutter in your inbox.
5.    RSS feeds have no spam .
6.    it is very easy to unsubscribe from an RSS feed.
7.    Subscribing to an RSS Feed is anonymous, therefore no junk mail.  

Using an RSS feed from your favorite sites allows you to check a single site to see if there are updates or anything new available from your favorite sites. A common example of a page of RSS feeds is for up to the minute news. Say you want to check a number of different news sites (CNN, New York Times, ABC, MSNBC, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, CBS) on a frequent basis throughout the day. By configuring a news reader or Google/Yahoo home page and RSS subscriptions to each your important news sites you would be able to view the most current information for all of the sites in one location. Many news sites also allow for targeted RSS feeds from specific sections of the news site such as business, national news, sports, world news, Op-Ed.

Useful computer tip: If you have not used RSS feeds they are definitely worth checking out . Very useful and very efficient . But be carfeul not to fall victim to information overload as a RSS feeds can provide significant  amounts of quickly changing information with no effort from you. Except to read.

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